Hello and welcome!

My name is Ieva and I love crochet. Well, I love crafts in general because as long as I can remember I was always working on some project: crocheting, knitting, sewing, drawing, etc. My mom showed me how to crochet when I was a kid and even though I knew only a couple of simple stitches at that time, I managed to crochet a little doll. Maybe it was a bit ugly but still very dear to me. Later, my older cousin taught me some new stitches and that encouraged me to keep learning and I started to enjoy crocheting even more. I believe that learning is a never-ending process and there are no limits to ones creativity, therefore I know that crocheting will always be interesting and will bring joy to me. I hope that my blog will inspire you to join me and crochet together. 

I live in Denmark together with my boyfriend, though neither of us is Danish: I am Lithuanian and he is Mexican. Life works in mysterious ways, so we ended up in this wonderful country. The name of my blog, Nordic Hook, reflects my love to Nordic countries and the lifestyle of people that are living here. I am trying to learn more about Danish culture and master the art of “hygge”, which is something very specific about Denmark. “Hygge” cannot be translated directly, but it resembles a feeling of coziness. And what can be more cozy than getting a cup of tea or coffee, your yarn, a hook and creating beautiful crochet items!

So, let’s go crochet. I invite you to look around in Nordic Hook. Here you can find free patterns for your next crochet project. Some of the patterns are very easy, so if you are a beginner, do not hesitate to start, I am here to help you. Also, I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, where I am sharing my newest patterns and including some extra material, and get a FREE pdf pattern of my easy mini pillow. Check my social media accounts for current projects and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I will try to answer the best I can.

Best wishes,